Final Deal of the Week
Last Day of Founder's Circle!

BIG Swap!

Our big swap at Founder's Circle is such a fun night!  We were told to bring 125 cards to swap if we wanted to particpate.  THAT is alot of cards! See what that looks like?100_5183

Pretty fun, huh?
We went downstairs in our pajamas!  We gathered together, and then we got in line, up and down the halls of the hotel... past the Gathering Place, past the dining room, past the lobby, past the elevators... until we were all lined up!  Then, the first person exchanged with the next person, and so on, down the line!  SO MUCH FUN!  Just like trick or treat!
100_5193 Here we are, lining the walls of the hotel!


Shelli and I were next to each other.. she is such a sweetheart!
When we were all done swapping, we went back into the Gathering Place for our "business swap".. sharing ideas that have helped us build our businesses.  We were given a beautiful book to write down the ideas we heard shared.
There were lots of goodies to eat.. including fresh fruit, fruity drinks, and gorgeous cupcakes with lovely butterflies on top!

After an evening of swapping, and sharing, and EATING.. we went back to our rooms.. to find this incredible gift on our pillows!
YEP!  Rain boots! Are they the cutest EVER??  And the right size!  Oh my goodness!  SO MUCH FUN!

Back tomorrow for all the pictures from the last day of the amazing Founder's Circle trip!



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