Deal of the Week - Three
Final Deal of the Week

Back again!


Hello!  I am back again! 

The wedding was wonderful!  It was a day full of alot of emotions for me!  From Thursday evening, when Mark and I spent the evening with Chad running errands, and setting up lights at the church, and having dinner together, and picking up his tuxedo, to the rehearsal dinner, here in our patio, to the wedding ceremony, and reception... there were so many emotions! 

Chad and Serena flew to Hawaii, and they will return tomorrow morning, early!  It will be fun to see them when they are able to come by.

I wasn't able to take many pictures... I was so busy!  But the one above is one that shows their happy faces. Hopefully I'll be able to share more about the wedding in the days to come...

Now, I want to tell you more about the Founder's Circle trip!

On Day Three, we board the bus at 8 a.m. for the trip to the Stampin' Up! warehouse in Knabe, Utah.  This is the place where the stamps are actually made, cut, die cut, packaged, and shipped.  It is an amazing trip!  I was so thrilled for this, my second trip to the warehouse!

The bus ride takes about 2 hours.  We get to play BINGO for prizes on the trip... pretty fun!  When we arrived, Josh, the HR manager there, met us at the bus.  When I got off the bus, he said, "RUTH!  I remember you from last year!"  That was pretty fun!  I had my picture taken with him right below the Stampin' Up! Statement of the Heart that is posted there.


We started our tour with some time with the lead workers at the warehouse.  We got to ask any questions!  Then we toured the lobby and then the actual warehouse.  We can't take pictures there ... too many stamp sets and secret things!

THEN we get to go upstairs, where Shelli has a private apartment where she can stay when she comes to visit there.  Shelli welcomed us at the top of the stairs. 




To the right here are Shelli and I in one of the guest rooms.

Below is our Tour group with Shelli, and her mom Pat on the far left.




After our tour, we boarded the bus to go to the park for our lunch.  This park was given to the town by the Gardner family, and under the play equipment are chopped up pieces of rejected stamps from the warehouse!


When we arrived, our lunches were ready for us in darling pails, with cloth napkins, and for dessert... CREME BRULEE!  At the PARK!  Can you believe it?  YUM!!!




After lunch, we went back to the hotel to prepare for the swapping that night!  Come back tomorrow and I'll show you pictures of that amazing night!


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